Styling supporting
your eco-production

In 2024, TELEVISIONSTYLE contributes to your eco-responsible approach with 3 styling offers to reduce your carbon footprint.

Your Festival
in Sustainable Mode

An experiential, concrete and participatory
and participatory approach to support you in your
your commitments, unite your teams,
and, finally, talk about CSR in a different way!



Sourced by our stylists
and ready for use on television


If the world of fashion and media appeals to you,
then check out our masterclasses


Being at the heart of major French TV chains since 1998, TELEVISIONSTYLE,
the media styling agency, has been advising, dressing and helping
hundreds of media personalities in France.

A turnkey
professional solution

Trust our team of experts who are passionate about fashion
and used to film sets that showcase your style!

A scenography
for your events

Add a touch of magic to your events with our creations and costume productions in single or limited edition production.

 sustainable fashion 

TELEVISIONSTYLE is committed to working with sustainable fashion designers - this benefits our partners and embed responsible practices at all levels.

the designers
of tomorrow

TELEVISIONSTYLE offers a complete theory and practical program to acquire the fundamentals of media styling and benefit from real-life experience in the field, thanks to professionals and experts.

Making your life easier!

"Our aim is to solve all the little problems that media and event producers may encounter."

France Thébaut,
Founder, CEO

We take care of a wide range of aspects that go beyond the styling service to make your life easier! We ensure the smooth management of styling teams and fashion partnerships on your productions, shoots and filming. The stress of managing administrative, accounting, social, legal and logistical follow-ups of each project is taken off your shoulders as part of our services.